Autobiography of a Shoe

I am a Nike shoe. I was born in a factory in London three years ago. From there I was packed in a box with my twin and loaded onto an aeroplane with a lot of other boxes like mine. I landed in a very noisy and busy place and realised I was in Delhi in India. I was placed on a rack in an airconditioned showroom and from there began the interesting part of my life. 

The next morning, the owner of the showroom came with his attendants. They attached a tag onto me and on many of my other friends. In about half an hour, customers started coming in. Some of them walked past my rack, some read what was written on my tag and kept me back on the rack with a shocked expression while a few others tried me on, but none of them felt I was perfect to their requirements. Slowly my other friends got sold off one after the other until only my twin and I were left on the rack. I wondered what would happen to us. Would they dump us in a dark and dingy storeroom?

But instead, more of these types of shoes were ordered as their demand was really high. Soon I was surrounded by new friends and rack mates. That evening, just as the shop was about to be closed, a young lady came running into the store with a small boy and requested the manager to wait for ten minutes. She told the manager that her son had an interschool running race the next day and his old shoes had worn off, so she had to buy new ones. The manager agreed and she began searching. She made her son try on many of the shoes but none of them fit his feet perfectly.

Finally, she came to my rack and asked for a size eight. The assistant said there was only one piece remaining and quickly took me out and gave it to her. Her son tried it on and it fit him perfectly! So they bought me and left. This was how I came to live in the house of Tejas. 

The next morning, Tejas wore me and left for school. He came first in the running race and made his school proud. From then, he started calling me his lucky shoe. Wherever he went, he would wear me and go. Every weekend he would clean me and polish me till I sparkled like a new shoe.

I was very happy with all the attention I was getting and lived a life of luxury in Tejas’s house.

But soon, he started getting tired of me. I had become old and I was made to sit at the back of the shoe rack. Newer and trendy shoes started to occupy the front rows. He wore those shoes very often and took me out very rarely. After a while, he completely forgot me and I would sit idle, right at the back of the shoe rack. He stopped giving me a wash every weekend and a layer of dust got settled on me.

I sat like this till one Sunday morning, his mother who was cleaning the rack saw me sitting there all covered with dust, old and worn out. So she decided to give me away to their maid’s son. 

Now I sit in a corner of the maid’s house, lonely but happy as I am the only shoe which Rajat (the maid’s son) has. He takes very good care of me wearing me to every place he visits. He proudly shows me and my twin to all his friends and we are treated like celebrities in his house. Rajat loves me and I know that I will live happily with him till the end of my days. Even right now as I am talking to you, I am enjoying myself, basking in the sun as Rajat just gave me a nice polish.

– Sneha Ganesh 😊