Sinister plots…

I was horrified to see her lying still and motionless in the bathtub. There was a knife sticking out of her neck and her white top had become a dangerous red after soaking all the blood oozing out of the cut.

It was the day after our marriage. Alisa and I had bought this little cottage on the outskirts of the city. We had hoped to spend a week together, away from the noise and busy life of the city before getting back to our usual routines. But we had hardly begun when….

Intriguing right!?? How did Alisa die? Who was the murderer? Why did the murderer want to kill Alisa? How did he enter the cottage? Was there more to Alisa than what her husband knew??

So many questions to ponder about πŸ€”…and so many conclusions that one can come to!

And now, I want all of you to step into your creative shoes and tell me how this story can possibly end? What do you think could have happened, who could have killed Alisa? Think…. And once you have thought enough, come up with a suitable and exciting conclusion for this story! You can tell me your answers in the comment section! Waiting to read different versions of this story!! So what are you waiting for? Put on your thinking caps and send in your answers!!!

– Sneha Ganesh 😊😁

15 thoughts on “Sinister plots…

  1. Her laugh startled me from my thoughts! That was a horrific can prank she did with her friends’ help!!! Those 5 minutes made me realize what she meant for me and despite the shock, I laughed along with her feeling happy she’s still there!!! πŸ˜€

  2. Oooh, interesting plot. Let me think… She had gone for a soak in the tub whilst her husband napped on the sofa… Then he killed her while sleep walking… He had dreamed she was a zombie… 😳

  3. It was the husband’s brother. He entered the cottage and assumed that an intruder entered. he killed her without realizing she was not, in fact, a robber. Rater, he was the intruder. It was a direct hit, he couldn’t save her. Great story =D

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