The Second Chance #FFFC

“But why would you do that Simi??”

“They were any ways of no use to me Rob…the doctors had told me very clearly that I had exactly 2 hours left to live. After I died, of what use would these eyes be to me??”

“How did you know about me Simi?”

“That was when I overheard the doctors talk about you, Rob.”

“Oh, and what were they saying?”

“They said that a four year old boy had met with an accident and had just been admitted. Due to the impact of the fall, the boy had lost his eyesight. I felt so bad on hearing that. A little boy, who had just begun his life on this planet, who had hardly seen and experienced what life had in store for him, had been hit so hard. I did not want you to miss out on so much and that too, from such a young age, especially if I could help. That was when I took this decision.”

“You decided to let them take your eyes away from you!?”

“Yes Rob, I heard the doctors say that the only way to restore your eyesight would be if they were able to find a donor and perform the operation. I immediately told them what I had in mind. They were more than happy to agree. Just as the doctors had predicted, my condition kept worsening and the next thingΒ  I remember is a feeling of eternal bliss, as though all my sufferings just vanished…”

“And the next thing I remember is opening my eyes to find my parents looking at me, their eyes filled with tears of joy. I didn’t know what had happened. The doctor told me that an angel named Simi had saved me. I was too young to understand anything at that point of time so I just believed them. But after a year, I was curious to meet this angel. My parents tried convincing me that you had already gone but I was reluctant to believe them. Finally they told me to come here, to this very spot, and call out to you. They told me that if the angel had saved me, she would surely come back to meet me. They were right Simi, you came back! I am so happy!”

“Even I am so happy to see you Rob. I had always hoped to be able to met you, at least once.”

“Thanks Simi. So are we friends now?”

“Yes Rob, we are. Β I will always stay with you, no matter what. All that you do will always be known to me. After all, it is through my eyes that you are seeing the world now!”

Saying this, she extended her hand to Rob and they shook it, making a promise to stay together always.

Simi did not want to disappoint the little boy. She had wanted to silently see Rob grow up and enjoy his beautiful life, but when he strongly believed that an angel had saved him and was adamant to meet that angel and thank her, she did not want to shatter his beliefs. So she appeared in the sky and spoke to the little boy. She was moved by his innocence and ignorance and promised to talk to him whenever he wished to, at the very same spot. She knew there would come a day when Rob learnt what the truth was, but till then she decided not to disappoint him. She considered it a chance for her to live her life too, through Rob’s body. And a chance for Rob to live his life, through Simi’s eyes….


– Sneha Ganesh

23 thoughts on “The Second Chance #FFFC

  1. This is heartwarming and beautiful! I love to believe there are angels surrounding us the entire time πŸ‘πŸ˜Š good work!

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