The One with the Master Key πŸ”‘

There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish. – Michelle Obama

Here’s wishing each and every one of those super amazing, super courageous and beautiful women out there a very Happy Women’s Day!!

Today is a day to celebrate the achievements of all those women out there who have not shied away from doing things they wanted to do, simply out of fear of what the outside world might think. But its not just famous personalities who have done this, its each and every one of  us too. If today, there is a baby girl born in some rural area and she is allowed to live, it is something for us to celebrate. If there is a teenage girl who is not forcefully married but instead allowed to go ahead and complete her education, it is something for us to celebrate.

All of us hear this pretty frequently don’t we…? That balance is essential, it keeps everything going smoothly. A little bit of imbalance, be it in an automobile or in our digestive system leads to problems I don’t even have to explain to you guys!! Then don’t you think ‘Balance’ is equally essential in our lives too?

Now, let’s consider this balance here. On one side there is a woman and on the other, a man. If I were to ask someone which side would be heavier, it is pretty common for us to hear that the woman’s scale has a lot more things placed on it and hence will be the heavier one, isn’t it? It is a general assumption that this balance cannot attain equilibrium because the woman has a lot more responsibilities and a lot more distractions when compared to men. What with managing the house, meeting deadlines at the workplace and being ‘nothing less than perfect’ (yup, that’s a common tendency!! We women spend hours thinking how, when, what if, etc that if we actually invest that time in completing the task that we have to, it might end up getting completed in a lot lesser time! Well, that’s a topic for another day…) in anything that she does, it is rightly said that she’s got a lot more on her plate. But this doesn’t mean balance can’t be attained.

A woman is made the way she is and given the responsibilities that she is given because SHE is capable. She will do all that is given to her and excel in all of it. That is the power of a woman. It’s just that people don’t understand this. They think she is incapable even before she is given a chance to try. It’s time to change this. It’s time for all of us to believe that SHE is no less than a HE and is equally competent in handling responsibilities. She can balance her work at home and at the workplace and make sure the balance does not get disrupted. Now it’s time for us to realise this and trust her with this. In this way, the bigger balance of life shall always remain at equilibrium.


Letters from a woman-

Dear Society,

Don’t look at me as a burden. I am not one. What is it that you see in the men that make you feel they will be the ones who will fulfill all your wishes, who will make you proud? What is it that you see in them that you don’t see in me? Give me the chance to prove myself, the freedom to make choices that I want to and support me. Instead of setting up new barriers on my road to success, help me remove the ones that already exist. This is my only request to you.

Dear Men,

Don’t consider me to be inferior to you. As soon as you change that, you will stop feeling hurt when I try to do something which was earlier considered to be ‘your’ job. Instead of trying to trample me down and cut my wings, become a source of encouragement and support for me. You will soon see what a huge difference this brings about in your life. I will stand by you and share the weight of the rucksack sitting on your shoulders, not become an extra piece of luggage you have to drag along. Have faith in me and in my abilities.

And last but not the least,

Dear Women,

Never hold yourself back. Trust in your strengths. If something didn’t go the way you thought it would, let it go. Don’t blame yourself and feel guilty about it. Let it go and move ahead. Take the first step. I’m pretty sure the others will help you move forward and not pull you back. And most importantly, love yourself. Be proud to be who you are. You are one of God’s priceless creations! Always remember that!


A woman like you.

According to me, a woman is one who holds the key to all the various doors and windows on this planet. If she chooses to, she can go through any of those doors and achieve anything that she wishes to!

– Sneha Ganesh 😊


23 thoughts on “The One with the Master Key πŸ”‘

  1. Very well written and many great powerful messages πŸ‘ It’s too bad that we should raise this subject of equality from the first place but the facts are disappointing
    Happy Women’s Day to you 😊

  2. very positive but should women have to excel at everything, can’t their partners step up and help with domestics and child rearing? I know women can do it coz they’ve done it for centuries but now it’s time for men to get empowered on the home front!

  3. An amazing tribute to women. She, mother, friend, will step up, be proud. Women are equal to men. Thank you for the letters, the posts, positive thoughts. Happy Women’s Day. She who holds the key can open all doors.

  4. Very well written, dear Sneha! But we’ve somehow missed bringing in the other gender, I think πŸ˜… Should the woman have to do it all?! I think they’ve trusted her (too long) to do it all and so she has. It’s now time her male counterparts AND society stepped up to doing their bit! πŸ˜‹
    Keep the writing going young lady, and keep those aspirations high, as always!!

  5. Yes, very true. A few of the items from the woman’s pan must be transferred to the man’s pan, this will also help in attaining that balance! Thank you so much for reading and for all that encouragement!😊😊

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