Life’s Coaching Classes…

“Life” decided it was time to teach Nikhil a lesson, a lesson he would never forget. She had been watching him for quite some time now but Nikhil didn’t seem to change what he was doing. He had been going on the same path again and again, without even thinking about where it might lead him. She wanted him to realize what a huge mistake he was committing…

Nikhil was a 20 year old, working in a multinational company and earning a good salary. He was 6 feet 2 inches tall and had all the qualities of a gentleman. But the one black spot, that sore thumb in his character, was his anger. He was extremely short tempered and could go up in flames for even the simplest of issues. But actually, the issue was not his anger, the issue was the way he dealt with it…

As per the plan designed by Life, whenever he got angry, there were three ways he could deal with it, to be more specific, three paths, from which he had to choose one to walk on. The first one was the easiest, the one with no obstacles coming his way and which could be tread on without any difficulty. This was the path where Nikhil had the opportunity to vent out all his feelings on absolutely anybody. Nikhil chose this easy route all the time and would release his anger on the first person who would come his way. He wouldn’t bother to see if that person had anything to do with why he was angry or not. Here he could scream, hit, insult and do whatever came into his mind and there was nothing to control him. Here Nikhil felt a sense of freedom and easily let out all that was bothering him. But little did he realize that the ease of the path was only deceiving him. By following this path, he was losing out on people, losing out on friends and family, on people who cared for him…

The second path was slightly harder, but still had some bit of ease to it, enough to entice Nikhil into following the path once in a while. It was the path of self destruction, the path where Nikhil could inflict harm on himself. When Life blocked out the first path, Nikhil would choose this one as it was comparatively a lot easier than the third path. Here he could vent out all his emotions by hurting himself, by cursing himself and by blaming himself for all that was happening. But he didn’t realize that by following this path, he was losing out on bits of himself, bits that he will never be able to recreate.

The third and the last path was the most difficult. This path had the most number of obstacles, the most turbulence and was also exceeding long a path. All these were more than enough reasons for Nikhil to never pick this path, especially when he was in such a hurry to get rid of the turmoil going on within him. So why was this path so difficult?… It was because this is the path of peace, the path of time, the path where the mind is allowed to calm down and get rid of the anger before making any decisions. On this path, Nikhil was allowed to spend some time on discovering the root cause of his anger and finding a solution to it before jumping to conclusions or inflicting any harm on himself and others, both physically and verbally.. This method takes longer than the others and hence this path is also longest among the three. The resistance the path offered was actually a test, a test to see who would be patient enough to endure all those difficulties and finally come out victorious after completely getting rid of the anger. The other paths offered only temporary relief and satisfaction.

Life had patiently let Nikhil try out all the paths and then understand which one was the right one to choose, but Nikhil had not done this. He had blindly followed the path that looked the easiest to him. So Life decided to teach him in her own unique way. The next time Nikhil got angry, here’s what she did.

Nikhil stood at the same spot, with the road ahead branching into three parts. For the first time, he noticed that there was a signboard there, with the name of each separate road carved onto the signboard. But he didn’t bother, he just kept walking in front and went onto the path that he frequented the most. He kept walking straight without anything to stop him. Suddenly a strong gust of wind from the other side hurled itself at Nikhil and sent him flying back, straight to the entrance of that path. Nikhil was stunned, this was the first time anything like this was happening to him on his dear path of ease. After encountering the same thing two more times, Nikhil moved to the next path. Over here, he walked for a little longer than the first path, hurting himself in order to get rid of the anger, but all of a sudden a huge wave swept him off his feet and sent him to the beginning of the path. Nikhil was bewildered. He couldn’t make head or tail of the situation and this in turn was fueling his anger.

Finally, in absolute rage, Nikhil decided to take the third path. He found it difficult at first, with thorns pricking him and branches scraping him. At one time, he had to walk on a hot furnace too. But he went ahead undeterred, as the fire blazing inside him was much stronger than any of these obstacles. Finally when he reached the end of the path, a cool breeze started blowing and he was refreshed by the scent of some beautiful flowers. He looked around him and felt a sense of tranquility.

And now, for the first time did he actually realize what a grave mistake he had been committing all these days. Entranced by the obstacle free paths, he had never been able to completely get rid of his anger. He had always reached the end of the path with some feeling of unease and unrest in his kind. For the first time now, he felt calm and composed, the anger having completely left him.

Life stood at a distance watching him realize all this and smiled to herself. Her plan had worked!

Life sure has weird ways of teaching us things, but if we learn the lessons she has to offer us, we will be able to live our life happily, without any worry and sorrow.

There are different ways by which one can deal with anger, but often there is only one way which truly helps us get rid of the anger. The others are merely ways to provide us a temporary feeling of calmness. So we must take some time to understand and find out which is the right path to be followed and then walk on that path so that we can truly rid ourselves of these toxic emotions.

-Sneha Ganesh


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