Being different is no crime…

Acceptance, it is the one thing all people desire. Just to be able to feel wanted and feel one with the crowd…to not be judged for being themselves. And if ever there is a factor that is making them different from the others, then be wholeheartedly accepted with the difference, and not be ragged and isolated for not being like the others.

Often people change themselves, just to fit in with the scheme of things, and hide the differentiating factors (be it something nice or something sad), out of fear of not being accepted and included.

One must remember that the rainbow is as attractive as it is only because of the seven different colours in it. Had it been a monochromatic band,it never would have stood out.

In the same way, we must start accepting people for exactly who they are, even if it means putting in a little hard work to start understanding them because they are completely different from you. We must not behave in a manner that compels people to change themselves and the things that make them the unique personality that they are. We must not force them into becoming like us just so that it’s easier for us to mingle, because then the world will become monochromatic and dull…

Accept the differences, because that is what will make a difference!

It’s time for everyone to realise and willing accept that being a little different does not make you weird, being different is what makes you stand out!

– Sneha Ganesh 😊